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What is teachmyworld.com?
Teachmyworld.com is an online service where private language teachers and students can make a connection for the purpose of teaching and learning foreign languages.

Who should use teachmyworld.com?
Teachmyworld.com is a service for anyone who is able to teach a foreign language and those who would like to be taught a foreign language.

How do I register?
Go to the register page and fill in the necessary details. Or click here.

How do others get my contact information?
Contact information is not visible to unregistered users. Users must first register as a teacher or student to obtain contact information.

What languages can I teach?
You can teach any language that you feel you are proficient in. teachmyworld.com recommends you teach only languages that you are a native speaker or have acquired to an advanced level.

What languages can I learn?
You can learn any language you desire, provided you find a teacher that is offering to teach it.

Where should I teach?
Arrangements should be made between the teacher and the student for an appropriate place to take lessons. We recommend somewhere public such as a café for the initial lesson. Once a good rapport has been established, a more private location may be more suitable.

Is there a charge?
There are no charges for using our service. We offer free teacher to student connections unlike other online services.

How much are lesson fees?
The only charges you pay are those for your own personal teacher, which you arrange and come to agreement on.

How much should I charge for my lessons?
You can set a reasonable price depending on your experience. However, the charge amount is up to you to decide and of course you and the student may come to an agreement that suits you best.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?
If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password. Click on the “sign in” button and there you can select “Request new password”. Type in your username or e-mail address and a new password will be e-mailed to you.

How confidential is my information?
The personal information is collected by teachmyworld.com solely for the exchange between the users. Teachmyworld.com will not sell, distribute or release the information outside of services provided.

What if I encounter a problem with another user?
Teachmyworld.com does not take any responsibility for the behavior of our users. We do however; suggest that you maintain a formal teacher/student relationship. You may file a complaint with a user to teachmyworld.com but we do not guarantee any action to take place. If we deem a user to be malicious or to use our services for any other reasons then intended, we will remove the user account immediately.